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About Us

Ben Stubenberg (American) and Chloe Zimmermann (French) started this company to fully engage visitors with an unparalleled personalized vacation experience.

So they came up with a rather unique name, Caicu Naniki, which means "Island reef where the festive spirit lives" in the language of the original Taino Indian settlers here. That kind of captured what they and their vacation adventures were all about. 

It started out with tours to the outer islands and soon expanded to swim lessons, free diving to cannons, and story telling about the captivating history of these islands.

After 12 years they've gotten pretty good at it -- so good that guests started asking about how they too could live here and enjoy the wonders full time. That led to the creation of an advisory service to do just that as well. 

Contact them and see what kind of vacation adventure  they can create for you.

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