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Story Telling

Tales of the Islands

For thousands of years, humans have sat around the campfire listening to story tellers recount tales of bravery, folly, intrigue, and twists of fate. We have long been hardwired to pass down wisdom and awareness this way from one generation to the next. Our marvelous new technologies may inundate us with news and information. But they can never replace a good story teller who fires the imagination and takes us back in time.  

Let our co-founder and Master Story Teller, Ben Stubenberg, share with you riveting tales of the incredible people who once walked these shores. Ben has been a regular feature writer for the magazine Times of the Islands and has built a deep reservoir of historical knowledge that he is ready to bring alive for you: 

  • Columbus Landfall and Fate of Tainos

  • Shipwrecks & Sunken Spanish Treasure

  • Pirate Attacks & Female Pirates

  • Loyalists After the American Revolution

  • Daring Slave Escapes & Haitian Revolution

Ben typically tells one or more of these stories and answers questions over the course of an hour, usually before or after dinner. He can also join you for a boat tour to explore underwater cannons and give you the incredible backstory of what likely happened. 


Contact us to learn more or schedule a date and time



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