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North & Middle Caicos  


Let us take you on a private, guided tour to visit spectacular beaches and seascapes of the beautiful, rural islands of North and Middle Caicos that harkens back to the old West Indies.

The morning starts with picking you up at your hotel and taking a gorgeous 30 minute ferry ride to North Caicos. We hop in a waiting SUV and drive through big open spaces and tiny villages on our way to Middle Caicos. Along the way, there's a good possibility we'll see flamingos feeding in the shallow ponds.

We take a guided walk through the  Conch Bar Caves to explore one of the biggest cave systems in the Caribbean Region. Then it's off to nearby Mudjin Harbour where we walk along the spectacular bluffs of the Crossing Point Trail and discover hidden coves. You'll step on to the most beautiful beach you have ever seen and swim in a turquoise sea you'll probably have to yourself. 

At lunch time, we visit a local cafe for a delicious lunch for fresh caught snapper, conch, or vegetarian options.

On the way back to North Caicos, we stop off a the Barracuda Bar–the coolest thatched roofed bar right on the beach where we drink coconut water straight out of fresh cut, cold coconuts. 

Along the way, you hear stories of the fascinating history of the  people who lived here. Taino Indians. Columbus’s landing in 1492. Pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read and actual pirate attacks. Loyalists who came here after the American Revolution. Slave ships. Modern day Turks & Caicos.

Cost per person: 2 people: $575

Cost per person: 3 people: $475

Cost per person: 4 or more people: $425

(plus 12% government tax per person)

Want more flexibility and privacy?

Instead of ferry, let us arrange for a private speed boat charter a boat for you.

We have a number of options depending on size of group.

Tour includes: Transfers from your hotel in Grace Bay or Leeward, private guide, ferry ride or private charter, private vehicle, cave tour, beaches, coconuts, snacks, water, lunch, and tall, mostly true stories of the islands.

Note: If you are in a villa outside Grace Bay, there may be an extra charge for the transport to and from the ferry, unless, of course, you have your own vehicle.

Essentials: Bring sturdy sandals, hat, reef safe sunscreen, extra shirt, swim suit, small towel. Aqua shoes for caves recommended.

Fair Warning: Imagination likely to run wild. You may feel (or be) transported back in time. Nobody leaves without being awestruck.


Bonus: You may see pink flamingos feeding in shallow ponds. Less likely, but possible, Humpback whales migrating along the coast off Middle Caicos January-March. Could distract and delay the tour schedule, but we don't think you'll mind too much.  

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West Caicos / In Search Of Pirate Legacy

For this half day adventure tour on the sea, we team up with first class boat charter company Ocean Frontiers to explore the shores of West Caicos. We take you to the site of a pirate attack in 1798 where you can check out an 18th century cannon in shallow water from the battle. Then we'll visit some nearby wrecks before heading to the calm lee side of West Caicos where you can swim up to stunning cliffs. Caicu Naniki Vacation Adventure co-founder, Ben Stubenberg, is along as your guide and gives you the full and fascinating story of those pirates, Loyalists, armed slaves, and seafarers, and what they left behind. 


Come back with an incredible adventure memory! 

Essentials: Bring swim suit, towel, rash guard, and reef safe sunscreen.

Fair Warning: Imagination will run wild as you feel transported back in time. And you too will be awestruck by not only the wrecks and cannons but the sheer beauty of the sea and shore of the unique and mysterious island of West Caicos. 

Cost: $2300 plus 12% tax

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©Taino Island Adventure / Caicu Naniki

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