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We get a lot of guests asking us, "So what's it like to live in the Turks & Caicos?" And, "How can we make it happen?"

These are natural questions because TCI has a lot going for it as you've seen for yourself.  Stunning turquoise ocean, endless perfect white sand beaches, tasty cafes, fine infrastructure, well stocked supermarkets, plenty of sports, solid British legal system, and easy access from the US and Canada. Not surprising that people living here, local and expat, genuinely like living here. And that makes for a welcoming community if you come with the right frame of mind.

With our decades of living here and starting businesses, we have a pretty good lay of the land. We can help you understand the nuances and requirements of what it takes to live here part-time or full-time. We are not real estate agents, but we can prepare you better to work with a real estate agent by giving you a solid knowledge base before you engage with one. Our aim is simple: To make you smart.While taking you through neighborhoods, we'll tell you about schools, businesses, residency options, banking, government offices, medical services, shipping, and much more.

You'll be well prepared to determine if this is the place for you. Once you are ready to make the next step, we can set up meetings with the best attorneys, the finest architects, the top builders, and the most reputable real estate agents and make the dream a reality.

$600 for 3 hours

Get in touch and let's talk


Live in the Turks & Caicos

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